Phil Moore: Centre Manager

Phil was born and brought up in North Wales. Following a career in theatre, he qualified as a social worker at Lancaster University and worked for 16 years as a probation officer; he then worked in a variety of social care and community development roles before becoming involved in the homeless sector 10 years ago.

The role of Centre Manager involves the supervision of staff, representing LDHAS in a variety of settings, and reporting regularly to the LDHAS Board of Trustees.


David Bristow: Finance Administration

David was born in Morecambe, and grew up in the northern seaside resort of the 60’s and 70’s, soon to be home to the new Eden Project. As the charity’s Finance Administrator, David feels he has found a home in the LDHAS team of staff and volunteers supporting the homeless and vulnerably housed in Lancaster and the surrounding district. Although the main purpose of the role is dealing with the charity’s finances and administration, the team share duties and ‘muck in’ to help each other.

When not at the centre, David’s main passion is music and playing bass guitar in a local band.


Angela Charnock: Senior Caseworker

Angela was born and lived in Salford till she moved to the Lancaster area 18 years ago with her family. For over 30 years Angela has been involved in supporting vulnerable and/or complex individuals to make meaningful life choices. Angela initially started at LDHAS over 10 years ago and having left for a few years came back last year firstly as a Bank worker and then as Senior Caseworker. The Senior Caseworker role is varied and includes offering emotional support, liaising with other professionals, advocacy, and advice.

Angela would call herself passionate about believing everyone should be valued regardless of their background or circumstances.


Grahame Legg: Support Worker

Grahame was born in Oldham and worked mainly in the rag trade before coming to Lancaster in 1999, he got involved in the homeless centre as part of a college course he was doing in health and social care, and became a volunteer. After a couple of years as a volunteer Grahame gained a lot of experience working on the Christmas Shelter, became a member of staff and has seen a lot of changes over the years, he is pleased to say that during recent times things have got better and the present team is working well together.


Jim Robinson: Fundraising & Business Development

Jim recently graduated from Lancaster University with a masters in Economics & Business Management and is chartered through the Chartered Management Institute. Jim is responsible for securing income and diversifying our revenue streams, planning and managing the charity’s marketing activity, and investigating professional development opportunities within the non-profit and third sector industry. Jim immediately felt at home at the LDHAS and hopes to improve not just the financial positioning of the organisation but the digital presence, connectivity, and organisational legitimacy.



Our Trustee Board meets once every 2 months.

The trustees are responsible for overseeing the finances and strategic development of the organisation as presented by the Centre Manager.

At times support may be needed for any particular issue that may arise, but generally the Manager will plan and take ideas to the board for ratification or for more information prior to agreement.

The roles are varied, each bringing their own particular skills from work or life experience.

Currently we have

  • Chair of Trustees – manages meetings, attends interviews, meets with potential trustees, represents the organisation at events.
  • Company Secretary- a point of contact for Charities Commission and Companies House
  • Treasurer: Overall responsibility for ensuring the financial information is informative and transparent and meets with Charity Commission requirements
  • Four Trustees who bring professional experience to the organisation: currently, two business owners, one retired health professional, and one marketing specialist.

Become a Trustee

We are always happy to hear from individuals who have the professional or practical ability to advise, assist with and oversee the operation of the organisation.



Are you looking for a way to help people in need in your community?

Our services rely on people who selflessly give up their time to help others. We have a wide range of volunteer opportunities with some working directly with service users and others working behind the scenes. Whatever you have to offer, talk to us! We value our volunteers as much for their life experiences as for their qualifications.

All applicants will undergo induction training which will equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills to work effectively with us.Research shows that volunteering really does have a positive impact on health. It raises self-esteem and confidence, helps you gain new skills and make new friends, and brings a positive sense of purpose to your life.

If you have a specific project in mind that you feel could bring added value to our existing operations we would love to hear from you. Like wise if you have a skill set that you feel could benefit our client training team please contact us. For example: do you know how to make soap and willing to run a class for our clients?

If you would like to volunteer with us then please either complete an application form, fill in registration section or alternatively e-mail or telephone us (01524 842008) for further information.


Partner Agencies 

The third sector is an ever-changing scene; organisations expand or shrink depending on their funding or governance and many struggle to meet the demands of our clientele. A “one-stop-shop”, based in our new building, allows multiple agencies to carry out their work in a safe and organised site. This reduces their overheads, allowing for better-funded services, and minimises missed appointments.

LDHAS recognises that simply having these agencies in the Homeless Hub is not an effective way of providing in-depth casework; as a result, our Senior Caseworker works closely with partners to integrate the services into clients’ packages of support, facilitating communication and collaboration between workers, rather than simply signpost them.

A typical day for a client can help illustrate the benefit of our Homeless Hub.

For example:

  1. a client may come to our centre, have food and a shower, and then meet with our caseworker for emotional support and housing advice and to address their support package;
  2. the client will then be told to meet with the Citizens Advice Bureau worker in the room down the hall to understand their legal rights as a homeless person in the UK in light of their casework session;
  3. they will then meet with the Council-appointed Support Officer in another office, to be referred to council or private accommodation with our casework’s insight;
  4. our caseworker then updates the client’s package to reflect these activities.

Another example:

  1. a client comes to our centre, meets with our Support Worker, who directs them to the Hepatitis C worker in the building for testing and advice;
  2. the client then meets with the nurse for wound dressing to reduce risk of infection;
  3. the client then has an appointment with their Inspire officer for substance abuse support;
  4. the nurse then meets with the client and our Support Worker to figure out what the next steps for improving their safety will be.

Would you like to volunteer your services?

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